What are the characters in DeVanity TV Show

The characters in DeVanity movie are
D. Portia Muller - Katie Apicella
Dr. Portia Muller - Katie Apicella
Portia Muller - Katie Apicella
Baby Shower Guest - Erin (II) Kaufman
Mischa Hamilton - Alexandra Kovacs
Party Guest - Petra Lo
Isabelle DeVanity - Jackie (III) Lyons
Lotus - Lindsey Magaoay
Scarlett Kane - Tiffany Michelle
Dr. Lydia Styles - Tiffany Michelle
DeVanity Model - Lauren Olipra
Margeaux Levange - Kelley Portier
Angelica Roth - Robin Riker
Jesse Shaw - Kelsey Robinson
Angelica Roth - Robin Riker
Jesse Shaw - Kelsey Robinson
Baby Shower Guest - Lindsay (III) Shelton
New Reporter - Cole (V) Smith
Claudia Muller - Alana (I) Stewart
Francesca DeVanity - Charlene Tilton
Isabelle DeVanity - Samantha Turk
Kitty Crane - Judith Benezra
Claudia Muller - Sheree J. Wilson
Lara Muller DeVanity - Alexis Zibolis
Lara M?ller DeVanity - Alexis Zibolis
Julia Regis - Arianne Zucker
Diana Crest - Erica Browne
Party Guest - Laura Brunkala
Jackie DeVanity - Erin Christine Buckley
Jackie DeVanity Crowne - Erin Christine Buckley
Jackie DeVanity Crownee - Erin Christine Buckley
Bianca DeVanity - Katie Caprio
Bianca DeVanity Roth - Katie Caprio
Christina Quist - Barbara (II) Caruso
Woman In Doctor's Office - Barbara (II) Caruso
Party Guest - Kimberly (II) Christian
Bartender - Ana (I) Contreras
K.C. Corrigan - Kali Cook
Shara Rose - Diane Delano
Party Guest - Harper-Rose Drummond
Vivian Price - Andrea (I) Evans
Baby Shower Guest - Tanya Shanti Goott
Sonja Charmaine - Vanessa Graddick
Doctor - Tanya Ihnen
Trevor Hunt - Chadwick Armstrong
Party Guest - Michael Taylor Gray
Truck Driver - Michael Taylor Gray
Tristan Kane - Tim (I) Hammer
Charles Kane - Steve Kanaly
Andrew Regis - Kyle Lowder
Orderly One - Justin (I) Mcquaig
Byron DeVanity - Chris (II) Parke
Travis Smith - Bob Salatich
Preston Regis - Gordon (I) Thomson
Orderly Two - Adam Wasser
Party Guest - Chris Bound
Dr. Sebastian Crowne - John (I) Brody
Jason DeVanity - Michael (II) Caruso
Richard DeVanity - Maxwell Caulfield
Byron DeVanity - Jason (IV) Christopher
Priest - Richard (I) Cutting
Alex Roth - Mike Dirksen
DeVanity Assistant - Jeff Doherty

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