What are the characters in Directions TV Show

The characters in Directions movie are
Young Mary - Jackie Adragna
Mrs. Claus - Peggy Allenby
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Rashi Kaslow
Herself - Marija Kova
Sally - Erica LaRose
Mistress Miller - Maureen McNabb
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Victoria Monteleone
Old Lady - Peggy O'Shea
Sister's Voice (segment "Stable Song") - Olive Panter
Mother (segment "Stable Song") - Robin (I) Schmidt
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Milissa Sears
Herself - Marian Seldes
The Woman - Marian Seldes
Herself - Narrator - Marian Seldes
Nciole - Lisa Anne Shafer
Girl - Judy Sheridan
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Jenn Strand
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Lydia Tavera
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Alexis Teague
Mother - Vivianne Benton
Joan age 20 - Victoria Blankenship
Herself - Elaine Bonazzi
Guidance Counselor - Karen Voels
Sister (segment "Stable Song") - Aniko White
Joan age 40 - Sally Chamberlin
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Jordan Craven
Old Mary - Eileen Dietz
Narrator - Rosalind Elias
Herself - Saramae Endich
Lead Singer (segment "Different Names for the Same Thing") - Emily Erhens
(segment "What Sarah Said") - Margaret Anne Florence
(segment "Marching Bands of Manhattan") - Kelly Guerrero
Joan age 30 - Margaret Hall
Herself - Helen (I) Hayes
Himself - Catholic host - John (III) Alcorn
Himself - Conductor - David Amram
Daughter - Frankie Gambale
Homeless Man - Lezleigh Green
JC Two - Larry Haines
George - Earl Hammond
Brad - John Michael Hastie
Himself - Protestant host - George (I) Hicks
Santa Claus - John Cecil Holm
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Terry (I) Huynh
Dave - Jonathan (I) Iglesias
Middle Aged Mary - Kristina Jimenez
Bloodhead (segment "Stable Song") - Adam (VII) Johnson
Himself - Narrator - Louis Jourdan
Alex - Michael Kampa
Charley - Bob Larkin
Photographer - Jason Leavy
Guy at Party - Michael Leavy
Himself - William (III) Lewis
(segment "Marching Bands of Manhattan") - Eric Marchbanks
Henry David Thoreau - Bill (I) McGuire
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Drew Mottinger
Our Man - Greg (I) Muller
Himself - Leo Baeck
Himself - Alan (X) Baker
Father Alfred Delp - William (II) Ball
Jogger - Maddie Barnett
The Man - Jack (II) Noble
Ralph Waldp Emerson - James (I) Noble
JC Five - F.J. O'Neil
Mr. Verdin - Simon Oakland
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Eric (I) Patten
Mary - Sabina Petra
Micah - Frank Porretta
Husband - Addison Powell
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Nick (I) Pritchard
Himself - Choral Director - Thomas Pyle
(segment "What Sarah Said") - James Ransone
Brother (segment "Stable Song") - Max Records
Scholar - Frederick Rolf
Himself - Narrator - Norman (I) Rose
Carl Miller - Brian (VI) Russo
Little Brother (segment "Stable Song") - Strider Schmidt
Himself - Malcolm (VI) Smith
Himself - Joseph (II) Sopher
JC One - Morgan Sterne
Richard - Chase Tarca
Themselves - The American Broadcasting Company S
Themselves - The Fordham Choir
Mr. Peterson - Joel Thingvall
Himself - Cyril Tyson
Himself - Host - Eli Wallach
Glutton - Iggie Wolfington
Darci - Alexandra Berenbaum
Himself - Eric (I) Berry
Father Louis - Ramon Bieri
JC Four - Ramon Bieri
Host - Theodore Bikel
Himself - Jewish host - Theodore Bikel
Conductor (segment "Different Names for the Same Thing") - Bill Bixler
Captain - Rudy Bond
Mr. Berke - Philip Bruns
Doctor - Mario Buongiovanni
Himself - Narrator - Morris Carnovsky
JC Three - Carleton Carpenter
Bar Patron - Alex Cherman
The Woman - Comfort Clinton
Himself - William (V) Covington
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Mike Cuculich
Student - Bill Cuppola
Himself - John (I) Daly
Evan - Isaac DeGroot
Manager - Steven Della Salla
Boyfriend - William Devane
Himself - John Dumpson
Father (segment "Stable Song") - Jess Engler
Himself - John (I) Fiorito
Sid Leyland - Andy Fitch
Himself - Ezio Flagello
(segment "Jealousy Rides With Me") - Tyler Fowler
Himself - Richard Frisch

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