What are the characters in Evening Magazine TV Show

The characters in Evening Magazine movie are
Herself - KaiCarra
Herself: Martial Artist/Board Breaking Demo - Ruby (II) Lopez
Herself: Ms. Latina USA - Ruby (II) Lopez
Herself - Donna (I) Mills
Herself - Mary Tyler Moore
Herself - Host (2000-2005) - Malou Nubla
Herself - Rhea Perlman
Herself - Vicki Petite
Herself - Beverly Sasson
Herself - Kathy Shower
Herself - Raquel Welch
Herself - Darlene Ava Williams
Herself - Eva (I) Williams
Host - Jan Yanehiro
Herself - Joan (I) Collins
Herself - Danielle DuClos
Co-Host (PM Magazine-Beaumont Texas 1979) - Leeza Gibbons
Herself - Melissa (I) Gilbert
Herself - Linda (I) Gray
Hostess (1980-1982) - Mary (I) Hart
Herself - Pamela (I) Heath
Herself - Kathy Ireland
Herself - Kate (I) Jackson
Host - Tony Alameda
Himself - Dane Andrew
Himself - Michael (XXI) Griffin
Himself - Peter Gros
Himself - Mark (I) Harmon
Himself - Ron (II) Harper
Host (1982?) - Richard (VI) Hart
Himself - Charlton Heston
Himself - Engelbert (II) Humperdinck
Stuntman - Conrad Hurtt
Himself - Billy Joel
Himself - Host - Jonathan Karsh
Himself - Jake LaMotta
Host (1980-1986) - Matt Lauer
Himself - Host - Matt Lauer
Steve Lucescu (1978) - Steve Lucescu
Himself - Cheech Marin
Himself - Paul McCartney
Himself - Jesse Merz
Himself (1990) - Peet Montzingo
Himself (2000) - Peet Montzingo
Himself - Loyd Auerbach
Himself - Leonard Nimoy
Himself - Rascal The World's Ugliest Dog
Himself - Christopher Reeve
Himself - Rex Williams' Elephants
Himself - John Ritter
Himself - Kenny (I) Rogers
Guitar Player - Richard (I) Rossi
Himself/Host (2001-2005) - Mike (I) Rowe
Himself - Host - Mike (I) Rowe
Himself - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Himself - William Shatner
Himself - Gene (I) Simmons
Host - Erik (X) Smith
Himself - Frank (I) Stallone
Himself - Sylvester Stallone
Todd Stockman, Miss Coco, and Obie - Todd Stockman
Himself - Magician/Juggler - Robert (VI) Strong
Chef Tell - Chef Tell
Host - Steve (II) Tyler
Himself - J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner
Co-Host (PM Magazine Beaumont Texas 1979) - John (I) Walls
Himself - Tommy Chong
Himself - George Clooney
Himself - Loren Coleman
Himself - Tim Cridland
Himself - Danny DeVito
Themselves - Devo
Himself - Neil (I) Diamond
Himself - Dave (I) Foley
Host - Steve (VIII) Fox

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