What are the characters in Hallelujah! TV Show

The characters in Hallelujah! movie are
Mrs. Fishwick - Georgine Anderson
Mrs. Haywood - Maggie (I) Jones
Cleaner - Joyce (II) Kennedy
Mildred Lucas - Pauline Letts
WPC - Elisabeth Lynne
Mrs. Sedgewick - Carmel McSharry
Young Woman - Mitzi Mueller
Staff Nurse - Paddie O'Neil
Beryl Ackroyd - Ann Penfold
Mrs. Marshall - Rose Power
Blonde with Smedley - Sarah (IV) Reynolds
Jennifer - Carly Roberts
Blonde with Smedley - Sarah (IV) Reynolds
Jennifer - Carly Roberts
Sister Alice Meredith/Little Nell - Patsy Rowlands
Ella Scratchitt - Joan (I) Sims
Annie Walton - Patsy Smart
Woman in Street - Georgina (I) Smith
Woman at Window - Georgina (I) Smith
Annie Marshall - Tessa Worsley
Annie Morley - Tessa Worsley
Irene Dexter - Janie Booth
Herself - Isla Cameron
Herself - Nadia Catouse
Herself - Music Performance - Nadia Catouse
Mrs. Bradley - Peggy Ann Clifford
Iris - Denise Coffey
Mildred Cooper - Freda Dowie
Enid Ackroyd - Sheila Fay
Woman - Hilda Fenemore
Old Lady - Gretchen Franklin
Sister Dorothy Smith - Rosamund Greenwood
Mavis - Rose (I) Hill
Captain Emily Ridley/Captain Agnes Ridley - Thora Hird
Brig. Langton - Michael (I) Aldridge
Col Henderson - Walter Gotell
Gordon Dexter - John (XVII) Graham
Vicar - Roger Grainger
Major Perry - Roger (I) Hammond
Policeman - Roger (I) Hammond
Hampton - Roger (I) Hammond
Harry Beasley - Julian Holloway
Malcom - David (VII) Howe
Jack Spilsbury - Philip (II) Jackson
Len Smedley - Bobby Knutt
Tom - Ian (I) Lavender
Himself - Music Performance - Ian (I) Lavender
Landlord - Johnny Leeze
Stanley Mason - Cyril Luckham
Young Man - James (I) Mansfield
Butcher - Peter (III) Martin
Brig. Langton - Garfield Morgan
Harold Marshall - Ray Mort
Policeman - Ray Mort
Benge - Ray Mort
Businessman - Bernard Atha
Jacob Marley - Geoffrey Bayldon
Mr. Sedgewick - Geoffrey Bayldon
Rodney Marshall - Danny O'Dea
Boy - Fred Parsons - Billy Pearce
Eric / Tiny Tom - Martin Pitman
Ebenezer Dickens - Bryan Pringle
Brother Matthew (Gerald) - Brian (I) Rawlinson
Elvis Ackroyd - Christian Rodska
Armstrong - Leslie Schofield
Joseph Bostock - Peter (I) Schofield
Himself - John (I) Scott
Arthur Ackroyd - Arthur (II) White
Himself - Richard Whiteley
Anglican Priest - Frank (I) Williams
Policeman - Paul (I) Williamson
Chief Inspector - Paul (I) Williamson
Arthur Walton - Derek Benfield
Andrew Gibson - Derek Benfield
Quincy - James Berwick
Man at House - Ralph Bowland
Major Roberts - Roger Brierley
Himself - Host - Sydney Carter
Himself - Martin Carthy
Harold Morley - Peter (I) Childs
Brother Benjamin/Bob Scratchitt - David Daker
Hugh Davies - Richard (II) Davies
Hamish - Ray Dunbobbin
Police Sergeant - Terence Edmond
Police Sergeant - Glynn Edwards
Colonel Aspinall - Tenniel Evans

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