What are the characters in Harry Enfield and Chums TV Show

The characters in Harry Enfield and Chums movie are
Kevin's Gran - Jean Ainslie
Herself - Special Guest Star - Leslie Ash
Housewife - Jacqueline Ashman
Lady Fotherington Carstairs - Rosalind Knight
Customer in Butchers - Di Langford
Lady Sophie Dim-But-Royal - Sylvestra Le Touzel
Woman in Information Film - Carla (I) Mendon´┐Ża
Dinner Guest - Anouschka Menzies
Woman in Cholmondley-Warner Film - Felicity Montagu
Wife on Holiday - Julia Office
Herself - Princess Diana
Woman in Cholmondley-Warner Film - Jan Ravens
Kevin's Mum - Louisa Rix
Kevin's Mum Sheila - Louisa Rix
Miss Hetherington - Amanda Root
Herself - Princess Diana
Woman in Cholmondley-Warner Film - Jan Ravens
Kevin's Mum - Louisa Rix
Kevin's Mum Sheila - Louisa Rix
Miss Hetherington - Amanda Root
Little Lola - Adele Silva
Angie - Mossie Smith
Wife - Julia St John
Sam - Nicola Stapleton
Teacher Miss Baxter - Lynsey Baxter
Tory Boy's Mum - Lavinia Bertram
Emma - Tilly Blackwood
Herself - Denise Van Outen
Labour politician - Arabella Weir
Herself - Virginia Bottomley
Randy Old Lady Hilda/Waynetta Slob - Kathy Burke
Randy Old Lady Hilda/Perry/Waynetta Slob - Kathy Burke
Perry/Waynetta Slob - Kathy Burke
Waynetta Slob/Pam Herbert / - Kathy Burke
Randy Old Lady Hilda/Waynetta Slob/Perry - Kathy Burke
Lulu the Toddler/Perry/Waynetta Slob - Kathy Burke
Perry/Pam Herbert/Lulu the Toddler/Waynetta Slob - Kathy Burke
Pam Herbert/Randy Old Lady Hilda - Kathy Burke
Perry/Lulu the Toddler - Kathy Burke
Perry/Lulu the Toddler/Randy Old Lady Hilda - Kathy Burke
Herself - Naomi (I) Campbell
Herself - Pauline Collins
Herself - Nina Conti
Cicely - Jacqueline Defferary
Woman in Car - Donna Ewin
Mary - Sally Faulkner
Old Lady at Bus Stop - Hilda Fenemore
Ivy - Susan (I) Field
Nurse - Rachel Fielding
Mary - Lucinda Fisher
Stately Home Lady - Marsha Fitzalan
Herself - Special Guest Star - Rosemarie Ford
Mrs. Goggins: 'Il Postino Pat' Sketch - Dawn French
Girl at Party - Keeley Gainey
Tom's Mum - Georgie Glen
Potential Voter - Georgie Glen
Judith - Georgie Glen
Mother in Information Film - Georgie Glen
Alison Black - Vanessa (I) Hadaway
Toddlers' Mum - Caroline (I) Harker
Naomi Campbell - Sherry John
Himself - John Alderton
Rich Man in Spain - Mark (I) Arden
Mr. Cholmondley-Warner - Jon (I) Glover
Railwayman/Man at Bus Stop - Simon Godley
Gas Man - Simon Greenall
Man at Political Event - Simon Greenall
Himself - Michael Heseltine
Himself - Special Guest Star - Damon (I) Hill
Himself - Special Guest Star - Jimmy (I) Hill
Himself - Michael (VI) Howard
Jason - Jason (I) Hughes
Man in Car - Jasper Jacob
Air Steward - Jasper Jacob
David the Director - Michael (I) Kitchen
Frank - Simon (I) Kunz
Himself - Special Guest Star - Desmond Lynam
Himself - John (I) Major
Tardis Onlooker - Scott (IX) Marshall
Ken the Barman - Trevor (I) Martin
Pedro - Stephen Marzella
Crimesearch Detective - David (I) McAlister
Waiter - Alistair McGowan
Kevin's Dad - Stephen (I) Moore
Barry Scouser - Mark Moraghan
David - Dean Nicholson
Fat Bloke - David (II) Barber
Launderette - Richard (I) O'Callaghan
Himself - Paul (I) O'Grady
Night Club owner - Cliff Parisi
Himself - Michael (II) Portillo
Kevin's Dad - Duncan Preston
Kevin's Dad Dave - Duncan Preston
TV Interviewer - Nigel (II) Rees
Tom - Benedict Sandiford
1940s Jogger - Christian (II) Simpson
Special Guest Star - Crimesearch Presenter - John (II) Stalker
Charles - Andy (V) Taylor
Tory Boy's Dad - Bill (III) Thomas
Air Steward - Gregor Truter
Party Crasher - Alex Walkinshaw
Lord Fotherington Carstairs II - Nick Waring
Self-Righteous Brother George - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Self-Righteous Brother George/Michael Pane/Lance/Fred Git/Tramp - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Fred Git/Self-Righteous Brother George - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Lance/Fred Git - Paul (I) Whitehouse
End credits only - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Julio Geordio/Lance/Michael Paine/Mister Dead//Self-Righteous Brother George - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Julio Geordio/Dutch Copper/Michael Paine/Pizza Delivery Boy - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Fred Git/Lance/Michael Paine/Dutch Copper/Mister Dead - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Father Timms/self - Righteous Brother George/Michael Paine/Julio Geordio/Mister Dead/Lance - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Fred Git/self - Righteous Brother George/Dutch Copper/Lance/Mister Dead - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Self-Righteous Brother George/Lance/Fred Git/Homeless Man/Julio Geordio/French Painter - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Gay Man in Club - Adam Wide
Husband on Holiday - Mark (I) Williams
Butler Jeeves - John Woodnutt
Camelot Advisor/Tour Guide - Philip (I) Bird
Judith's Husband - Philip (I) Bird
Teacher - Philip (I) Bird
Boutique Homme Manager - Philip (I) Bird
Chris Chapman - Adam Blackwood
Man in Post Office - Adam Blackwood
Gary Scouser - Gary Bleasdale
Dick-Nice-But-Thick - Richard Braine
Various Roles (1996) - Ewen (I) Bremner
Jockey - Ewen (I) Bremner
Jim/Jockey - Ewen (I) Bremner
Himself - Michael (I) Caine
Headmaster - Geoffrey Chater
Charlie - Martin Clunes
Terminator - Martin Clunes
Himself - Tom Conti
Bank Manager - Peter (III) Dickson
Officer - Harry Ditson
Customer - Ron Donachie
Arthur - Paul Mark Elliott
Wendell - Lawrence (I) Elman
Benny Elton - Ben Elton
Tim Nice-But-Dim/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Terry Scouser/Self-Righteous Brother Frank/Kevin/Wayne Slob - Harry Enfield
Self-Righteous Brother Frank/Don't/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Kevin Patterson/Wayne Slob/Lee/Alf Git/Tim Nice-But-Dim - Harry Enfield
Kevin Patterson/Alf Git/Terry Scouser/Grayson/Wayne Slob/Self-Righteous Brother Frank - Harry Enfield
Wayne Slob/Stan Herbert/Lee/Kevin/Grayson/Tim Nice-But-Dim/Alf Git - Harry Enfield
Don't/Dr. Philip Boyish-Goodlooks/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Tim Nice-But-Dim/Self-Righteous Brother Frank/Kevin Patterson/Grayson/Terry Scouser - Harry Enfield
Tim Nice-But-Dim/Terry Scouser/Grayson/Self-Righteous Brother Frank/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Wayne Slob/Kevin Patterson - Harry Enfield
Tim Nice-But-Dim/Tory Boy/Harry the Toddler/Kevin Patterson/Lee/Wayne Slob/Alf Git/Billy Joe/J?rgen the German/Self-Righteous Brother Frank - Harry Enfield
Kevin Patterson/Stan Herbert/Terry Scouser/Dutch Copper/Jockey/Tory Boy/Harry the Toddler/Husband/Wayne Slob - Harry Enfield
Alf Git/Kevin Patterson/Tory Boy/Stan Herbert/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Husband/Lee/Big Bob Joylove/J?rgen the German/Dutch Copper/Billy Joe - Harry Enfield
Il Postino Pat/Kevin Patterson/Tim Nice-But-Dim/Big Bob Joylove/self - Righteous Brother Frank/Harry the Toddler/Billy Joe/Lee/Terry Scouser - Harry Enfield
Kevin Patterson/Tim Nice-But-Dim/Alf Git/self - Righteous Brother Frank/Harry the Toddler/Dutch Copper/J?rgen the German/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Lee/Billy Joe - Harry Enfield
Harry the Toddler/Self-Righteous Brother Frank/Randy Old Lady Gladys/Lee/Terry Scouser/Kevin Patterson/Alf Git/Mr. Ulsterman/Tim-Nice-But-Dim/Grayson - Harry Enfield
Teacher Mr. Banks - James (I) Fleet
Man Painting - Stephen (I) Frost

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