What are the characters in Headmaster TV Show

The characters in Headmaster movie are
Catherine McArdle - Maureen Arthur
Louise - Randi Kallan
Margaret Fisher - Ann (IV) Kennedy
Miss Graham - Florence Lake
Mrs. Landis - Jean Le Bouvier
Chairwoman - Doreen Mantle
Margaret Thompson - Claudette Nevins
Valerie - Melissa (I) Newman
Judy - Lani O'Grady
Jane Gates - Frances (I) Robinson
Jane Gates - Frances (I) Robinson
Clerk of Court - Judy Buxton
Mrs. Parsons - Patsy Byrne
Louise - Erica Chandler
June - Lucinda Curtis
Helen Simpson - Barbara Eiler
Susan - Joy Ellison
Carrie - Rori Gwynne
Student - Bruce Garrick
Hart - Tom Georgeson
Male Team Member - Oliver Givens
Normie - Oliver Givens
Funnell - Peter (II) Godfrey
Mr. Stillwell - James (I) Gregory
Andy Thompson - Andy (I) Griffith
Second Boy - Tony Hambleton
Allan - Mark (I) Hamill
Douglas - Mark (II) Herman
Mike - John Higgens
Tony Landis - Ron (I) Howard
Harris - Roger (I) Hume
Officer - James Iglehart
Patrick Davenant - Stephen Kebell
Ethan - Jim (I) Kidwell
Rick - Jim (I) Kidwell
Mark Stillwell - Donald Losby
First Boy - Lee Mannering
Ronnie - Kim Manners
Third Boy - Franco Manzi
Elliott - Noble Nelson
Simon - David (I) Nunn
Ritchie - Butch Patrick
Culliford - Brian (II) Peck
Parsons - Edward Petherbridge
Mr. Parsons - Edward Petherbridge
1st Male Student - Chris Pina
Mr. Kendall - Guy (I) Raymond
2nd Male Student - Tom Ruben
Mr. Lewis - David Ryall
Wayne - Michael (II) Shea
Fred - Michael (II) Shea
Mr. Chamberlain - Olan Soule
Abbott - Peter Sproule
Saunders - Ian (I) Thompson
Jerry Brownell - Jerry Van Dyke
Jerry Thompson - Jerry Van Dyke
Billy - Mitch Vogel
Usher - Stephen Wale
Art - Jim Waring
Policeman - David Whitworth
Tom Fisher - Frank Windsor
Clive - Jesse Birdsall
Social Worker - Arthur (II) Blake
Wilf Farley - Ray Burdis
Russell - Michael (I) Byrne
Lucas - Don (I) Carter
Mr. Landis - Robert Cleaves
Mr. Hiller - Jeff (I) Corey
Mike - Brad David
Boy 2 - Shaun Davies
David - Shaun Davies
Phillips - Colin (I) Douglas
Hank - Peter Eft
Stephen - Mark (I) Farmer
Max - Herbie Faye
Mr. Purdy - Parker Fennelly

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