What are the characters in Les Girls TV Show

The characters in Les Girls movie are
Shop assistant - Lesley Joseph
Dancer - Nicola Keen
Lady Sybil Wren - Kay (I) Kendall
Maggie - Annie (I) Lambert
Susan - Janet McTeer
Shopkeeper - Genevieve Pasques
Dancer - Charlotte Pyecroft
Dancer - Charlotte Pyecroft
Bag lady - Stella Tanner
Flamenco Dancer - Lusita Triana
Jo-Ann - Debby Bishop
Stout French Woman - Maya Van Horn
Polly - Arabella Weir
Jenna - Lia (I) Williams
Lucy - Julia Braams
Dancer - Stephanie Buttle
Dancer in 'Les Girls' Number - Barrie Chase
Dancer - Lilyan Chauvin
Wardrobe Woman - Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Camilla - Amanda Donohoe
Concierge's Wife - Claire Du Brey
Ang?le Ducros - Taina Elg
Veronica - Rachel Fielding
Amanda - Sadie Frost
Joanne 'Joy' Henderson - Mitzi Gaynor
Dancer - Anita (II) Griffin
Stagehand - Richard (I) Alexander
Taxi Driver - Frank (I) Arnold
Conrad - Tom Georgeson
Dancer - Philippe Giraudeau
Colin - John Gordon Sinclair
Pedestrian - Billy (I) Griffith
Vince - Anthony Head
Mervyn - Gerard Horan
Barry Nichols - Gene (I) Kelly
Gendarme Outside Courtroom - Colin Kenny
Mr. Mott - Hugh Laurie
Monsieur Girod - Andr� Maranne
French House Manager - Maurice Marsac
Nick - Mark (I) McGann
Court Usher - Owen McGiveney
Drunk - Philip McGough
Jimmy - Desmond McNamara
Stage Manager - Gregor Momdjian
Stage Manager - Alberto (I) Morin
Middle-aged man - Ken Morley
Waiter - George (I) Navarro
Len Seward - Dave (I) Atkins
Mike Silver - Eddie O'Connell
Spanish Peasant - Nestor Paiva
Adman - Neil (I) Pearson
English Photographer - George Pelling
Sir Gerald Wren - Leslie (I) Phillips
Leslie - Bryan Pringle
French Stage Manager - Francis Ravel
Paul - Stevan Rimkus
Mr. Korvus - Alexei Sayle
English Photographer - Geoffrey (I) Steele
English Photographer - Gilchrist Stuart
Mr. Tobler - Clive Swift
Associate Judge - Philip Tonge
Courtroom Reporter - Arthur Tovey
Rupert - Ray Trickitt
Mr. Outward - Stephen Vercoe
Reg - Thomas (I) Wheatley
Whittaker - John Woodvine
Pierre Ducros - Jacques Bergerac
Choreographer - Micha Bergese
Cheese rep - Ed (I) Bishop
Stagehand - Gene Coogan
Gerry Orlando - Ron (I) Cook
Judge - Henry Daniell
Sleepy Frenchman - George (I) Davis
Headwaiter - Marcel De la Brosse
Porter - Wilkie de Martel
Dancer - Titian Deakin
Concierge - George Dee
Fanatic with 'What Is Truth' Sign - Cyril Delevanti
Travel agent - Chris Donat
Oliver - Geff Francis

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