What are the characters in Love Bytes TV Show

The characters in Love Bytes movie are
Mel (2004) - Amy Mathews
Herself - Alex (I) McCord
Clara - Amie McKenna
Rambo - Julia Nickson
Rose - Eileen Rhoadarmer
Rose - Eileen Rhoadarmer
She (2004) - Pauline Roxo
Comedian - Rhonda Shear
Herself - Misha Calvert
Clare (2004) - Amanda Douge
Himself - Jonathan (II) Levine
He - Richard (II) McDonald
Callum - Michael Piccirilli
Neal - Christopher Sommers
Jesus - Kevin Spirtas
Waiter (2004) - Luke (I) Stephens
Himself - Simon van Kempen
Suited Guy - Con Demetriou
Bixby - Brian Landis (I) Folkins

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