What are the characters in Malice TV Show

The characters in Malice movie are
Circulating Nurse - Sharon Albright
Party guest - Claire Arnos
Dart Player - Robin Joss
Tracy - Nicole Kidman
Wedding Guest - Liza Koonin
Desk Clerk - Laura (I) Langdon
Party Guest - Evangeline Langely
Party Extra - Evangeline Langely
Alice Turner - Brittany Martz
Girl on Bike - Sara Melson
Student - Megan Meszaros
Party Extra - Caroline Midkiff
Young Jesse - Alexandra (II) Miles
Wedding Guest - Margaret (X) Moore
Waitress - Rana Morrison
Dana - Bebe Neuwirth
Paula Bell - Gwyneth Paltrow
Party Guest - Christy Pennington
Party Extra - Christy Pennington
Neighbor Boy's Mother - Paula Plum
Party Guest - Rachel (II) Russell
Party Extra - Rachel (II) Russell
Wedding Guest - Liz Schulz
Claudia - Brenda Strong
Ms. Kennsinger - Anne (I) Bancroft
Ms. Worthington - Diana Bellamy
Wedding Guest - Christina Blithe
Party and Wedding Guest - Courtney Westphal
Party Extra - Courtney Westphal
Wedding Guest - Courtney Westphal
Party Guest - Kristen Westphal
Party Extra - Kristen Westphal
Party Guest - Sally Westphal
Party Extra - Sally Westphal
Scrub Nurse - Christine (I) Wheeler
Party Guest - Claire (IX) Williams
Party Extra - Claire (IX) Williams
Wedding Guest - Lydia Zache
Jesse Turner - Leanna Chamish
Jesse Noyce Turner - Leanna Chamish
Jesse Spry - Leanna Chamish
Mommy Monster - Leanna Chamish
Jesse/Mommy Monster - Leanna Chamish
School Teacher/Party guest - Alexandra (III) Cook
Party Extra - Alexandra (III) Cook
Wedding Guest - Helen (I) Cook
Student/Party and Wedding Guest - Roxanne (I) Cook
Party Extra - Roxanne (I) Cook
Wedding Guest - Roxanne (I) Cook
Edna - Mary (VI) Cox
Waitress - Ann (I) Cusack
Student/party guest - Meg Donovan
Party Extra - Meg Donovan
Dart Player - Patricia Dunnock
Tanya - Debrah Farentino
Student/party guest - Meghan Garman
Party Extra - Meghan Garman
Alice/Malice - Charlene Geisler
Party Guest - Camryn Gulbranson
Party Extra - Camryn Gulbranson
Party Guest - Gabriella Gulbranson
Party Extra - Gabriella Gulbranson
Party Guest - Carolyn Heasly
Party Extra - Carolyn Heasly
Terrified Party Guest - Molly Hillberg
Terrified Guest - Molly Hillberg
Party Guest - Shannon Hollemback
Party Extra - Shannon Hollemback
Abbey Turner - Rebekkah Johnson
Heraklides - Steve (XIII) Alexander
Heraklides, Roman - Steve (XIII) Alexander
Dennis Riley - Peter (I) Gallagher
Student - Joe Garman
Zombie - Joe Garman
Ghost Kid - Samuel Garman
Ghost Boy - Samuel Garman
Young Jed - Christian Gehring
Wedding Guest - Terry (II) Gold
Plumber Pete - Jack Gulbranson
Jed Spry - Matthew James Gulbranson
Neighbor Boy - Michael (I) Hatt
Deputy Johnson - Maxwell Heaton
Wedding Guest - Maxwell Heaton
Travis wade - Lewis Hope
Wedding Guest - Tom Howley
Nate Turner/Wedding Guest - Mark (III) Hyde
Dane Tyler - Aaron Jeffcoate
Bartender - Tom (I) Kemp
Wedding Guest - Robert Long II
Party Guest - Isaiah Lopez
Party Extra - Isaiah Lopez
Party Guest - Tony (XIX) Lopez
Party Extra - Tony (XIX) Lopez
Resident - Joshua Malina
Grandpa - Paul (X) Marshall
Jed - Alec Baldwin
Officer Carter - Sam Beard
Earl Leemus - Tobin Bell
Party Guest - Jeff Otradovec
Party Extra - Jeff Otradovec
Gnaeus - Peter Ponzini
Gnaeus, Roman - Peter Ponzini
Andy - Bill (I) Pullman
Anesthesiologist - Richard Rho
Dominus - Sean M. Richey
Dominus, Roman - Sean M. Richey
Dr. Kessler - George C. Scott
Student - Joe (V) Scully
You're Kinda Cute Dale - Joe (V) Scully
Beldinius - Marco Smartt
Beldinius, Roman - Marco Smartt
Lester Adams - Josef Sommer
Sheriff Angel - Brian St. August
Muntz - Joe (III) Winters
Party guest - Geoffrey Berryman
Desk Sergeant - Michael Bofshever
Businessman - Eric Bruno Borgman
Dr. Matthew Robertson - David Bowe
Preacher - O. Les Bradley
Wedding Guest - O. Les Bradley
Party guest - Kelsey (I) Brennan
Student - Luis (V) Brito
'Whoa' Dork - Luis (V) Brito
Cab Driver - David Candreva
Code Blue Operator - Ken Cheeseman
Lucius - David (XX) Clarke
Lucius, Roman - David (XX) Clarke
Student/Party guest - Anthony Conge
Pertinax - Adam (XII) Cook
Pertinax, Roman - Adam (XII) Cook
Narrator - Philip J. Cook
Deputy - Philip J. Cook
Businessman - Jeffrey Corazzini
Dr. George Sullivan - William Duff-Griffin
Officer Jackson - Shaun Fagan

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