What are the characters in Mog TV Show

The characters in Mog movie are
Magistrate - Sheila Keith
Carol - Jackie Lye
Felicity - Karen Meagher
Mrs. Williams - Toni Palmer
Mrs. Mortenson - Catherine (I) Schell
Landlady - Pearl Ann Turner
Miranda - Abigail Cruttenden
Sonia - Jacqueline De Peza
Lady Mayoress - Joanna Dickens
Gloria - Jennifer (I) Guy
Reg House - Paul Angelis
Sir Peter Wakefield - John (I) Grillo
McAlister - Linal Haft
Policeman - Keith Hazemore
Tom Manners - Jeremy (I) Nicholas
Indian waiter - Bob Babenia
Minister - John (I) Baker
Ford - Tim (I) Barker
Head waiter - John (I) Owens
Mog - Enn Reitel
Captain Greenaway - Alan Shearman
Man at supermarket - Michael Stainton
Hatrack - Ivan Steward
PC - Jonathan Stratt
Oliver - Christopher Villiers
F.K. Henderson - Tim Wylton
Earl - Malcolm Frederick

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