What are the characters in Moviewatch TV Show

The characters in Moviewatch movie are
Herself - Ashley Judd
Herself - Correspondent - Alex (I) McLeod
Herself - Interviewee - Julia (I) Ormond
Herself - Presenter - Laurie Pike
Herself - Alicia Silverstone
Herself - Reporter - Sally (II) Gray
Herself - Presenter - Tania Guha
Himself - Damon Albarn
Himself - Interviewee - Mel (I) Gibson
Himself - Kevin (I) Kline
Himself - Interviewee - Kevin (I) Bacon
Himself - Interviewee - Alan (I) Parker
Himself - Interviewee - Aidan (I) Quinn
Himself - Interviewee - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Himself - Steven Seagal
Himself - Reporter - Andy (II) Senior
Himself - Interviewee - Wesley Snipes
Himself - Interviewee - Sylvester Stallone
Himself - Oliver (I) Stone
Himself - Interviewee - Quentin Tarantino
Herself - Presenter - Caroline (I) Tudor
Himself - Presenter - Johnny (I) Vaughan
Herself - Presenter - Johnny (I) Vaughan
Himself - Jon Bon Jovi
Himself - Interviewee - Tim (I) Burton
Himself - Robert (I) Carlyle
Himself - Interviewee - Keith Carradine
Himself - Jackie (I) Chan
Himself - Matt Damon
Himself - Interviewee - Jeff (I) Daniels
Himself - Tony Earnshaw
Himself - Presenter - Philip Edgar-Jones
Himself - Interviewee - Robert Englund

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