What are the characters in SAF3 TV Show

The characters in SAF3 movie are
Kacie West - Danielle Caley Anderson
Woman in Car - Brianne (I) Applegate
Teen on Phone - Ann Juries
Lex - Lex King
Female Victim - Tracy Kitching
Injured Woman - Colleen Knox
Heather - Pia Lamberg
Charley Frazer - Katie Meehan
Graciela Vega - Jocelyn Osorio
Mey Taylor - Sabine Palfi
Lois - Bo (I) Petersen
Lois Dunnigan - Bo (I) Petersen
Shelly - Danielle Phelan
Television Host - Angelique Pretorius
Colby - Lee Raviv
Nurse Julia - Julia Rhodes
Colby - Lee Raviv
Nurse Julia - Julia Rhodes
Ali Sanders - Jenny Sandersson
Gloria - Lauren Steyn
Nurse - Estelle Terblanche
Young Lilly - Isabella Tsinonis
Alison - Courtney B Turk
Mrs. Dean - Maureen Tyson
Female Cashier - Skye Weiss
Psychologist - Leigh Bremridge
Becca Conners - Kim Engelbrecht
Lily Maddox - Lydia Hull
Ario Rivera - Keenan Arrison
Pre-Accident Alfonso - Keenan Arrison
Chief Gallagher - Andre (I) Jacobs
Male Victim #1 - Anton Japtha
Gabe - Anton David Jeftha
Tom - Tyrone Keogh
Stuart - Langley Kirkwood
Young Eriksson - Greg Kriek
John Eriksson - Dolph Lundgren
Hal Dunnigan - Patrick Lyster
Alfonso Rivera - J.R. (III) Martinez
Nurse - Pamela June Nel
Police Officer - Stephen (IV) Newton
Texas Daly - Texas Battle
Dr. Natterson 2013 - Kevin Otto
Coal Miner - Grant Ross
Doctor - Mark (IV) Sykes
Jared Taylor - Karl Thaning
Foreman - Richard Wright-Firth
Boater - Greg Bertish
Impatient Man - Michael Bundred
Chase Robertson - Travis (I) Burns
Zach Marshall - Francis Chouler
Male Victim #2 - Tyronne Dadd
Diego Vega - Dylan Edy
Bryce Elliot - Chris (XVII) Fisher

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