What are the characters in Sense8 TV Show

The characters in Sense8 movie are
Mom in Museum - Michele Sweeney Abrams
Girl In Park - Robyn Alysa Abrams
Girl in Park - Tristan Jewel Abrams
SF Parade Spectator - Leilani Amour Arenzana
Woman in Porche - Thora Karitas
Cab Patron - Christina July Kim
Prison Guard - Jina (V) Kim
Maid - Senta Dorothea Kirschner
Will's Nurse - Suzanne (II) Lang
Actress - Nic�le Lecky
Teagan - Annie Munch
Parade Reveler - Lizz Noonan
Shoe Sales Girl - Annina Nusko
Riverwalk Patron - Elizabeth Reiners
Riverwalk Patron - Elizabeth Reiners
Dykes on Bikes Runner - Molly Shaiken
Dyke in Alley - Molly Shaiken
Soo-jin - Sara Sohn
Arrest Witness - Patricia Urbonas Clark
Nomi Marks - Jamie Clayton
Dyke 1 - Tina D'Elia
Grace - Maximilienne Ewalt
Janet - Sandra (I) Fish
Nightingale Nurse - Cathy (I) Fithian
Patient - Am Fong
Pride Supporter - Hayley Gagner
Don Carlos' Daughter - Sof�a Garza
Mural Photograher (2015) - Tina Gilton
Nurse - Alicia Hilton
Boy In Museum - Andrew Cole Abrams
Prison Guard - Jos� Antonio (VI) Garc�a
Police officer - Enrique Guzman
Ludicrous Lincoln - Jerod Haynes
4K/Clete Tamark - Alex (V) Henderson
Actor - Trey Martin Henry
Actor - Jaiden Hidalgo
Young Will - Max (II) Jenkins
Hairy Mexican - Ron Jeremy
Miller - Howie Johnson
Orderly - Dawayne Jordan
Prisoner - Christopher Kahler
Agent Stiles - Kevin R. (I) Kelly
Manendra Rasal - Anupam Kher
Hospital visitor #2 - Thomas Kosik
Wedding Planner 1 - Kaizaad Kotwal
Young Felix - Chiron Elias Krase
Niles Bolger - Tim Lajcik
Actor - John Lobato
Drunk at Bar - Mino Mackic
Felix - Max Mauff
Nyx - Joseph Mawle
Museum Guard - Steve Mikula
Taxi Customer - Rick Mischke
Fresh Meat Attendee - Marc Mora
Joaquin (2015) - Ra�l (I) M�ndez
Actor - Edward (III) Ashley
Young Noni - John Babbo
Diego - Ness Bautista
Steiner - Christian Oliver
Police Officer - Afsheen Olyaie
Michael Gorski - Joe Pantoliano
Basketball Player - LaTrallo Presley
Priest - Rainer Reiners
Wolfgang - Max Riemelt
S.F.P.D. Officer Clark - Brian Sampson
Locker Room Bully - Matthew Savas
Actor - Adam (III) Shapiro
Punk #3 - Nicholas Siciliano
Bug - Michael X. Sommers
Orderly - Antonio St. James
Club Patron - John St. Laurent
Counselor - Michael T Stewart
Jacks - Matt Stokoe
Hospital Visitor #4 - Marshon Thomas
Goon #1 - Joe Toedtling
Wedding Photographer - Steven Wiig
Riverwalk celebrant - Hans Dieter Wolff
Assistant Director - Jeronimo Best
Prison Guard - Brandon Bowens
Punk - Lucas Jade Zumann
Director - Ari (I) Brickman
DeShawn - William (XIV) Burke
George the neighbor - Rocky (I) Capella
Pedestrian - Siong Loong Choong
Police Captain - Larry Clarke
Pool Patron - Bully - Jack Cullinan
F.B.I. Agent - Thomas Dalby

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