What are the characters in Shadow Chasers TV Show

The characters in Shadow Chasers movie are
Nurse Bonner - Mary (I) Armstrong
Melody Lacey - Hermione Baddeley
Nurse Lewis - Patch Mackenzie
The Host - Cindy Maples
Miss Matlovsky - Lillian (I) M�ller
Vicki Pasternack - Laurie O'Brien
Boom-Boom Malloy - Jeanette (I) O'Connor
Fitness Trainer - Philece Sampler
Suzie Garlock - Shawn Schepps
Gwen Page - Kathryn Leigh Scott
Millie - Barbara Sharma
Stella Pence - Marcia Strassman
Angela Taylor - Brenda Strong
Beth Clark - Eileen Barnett
Dr. Frolov - Fran (I) Bennett
Laurie Wilson - Deborah (I) White
Herself - Dennise Wiley
Amelia - Leslie Wing
Spy #1 - Erica Yohn
Mary Komatar - Grace Zabriskie
Nurse Alcott - Kate Charleson
Wolf Girl - Hannah Cutrona
Dr. Juliana Moorhouse - Nina Foch
Christy - Teresa (I) Ganzel
Herself - Barbara (VIII) Gibson
Randy - Suzy Gilstrap
Liz - Corki Grazer
Ivy - Fay Hauser
Allison Collingswood - Mary-Margaret Humes
Cora Walsh - Marsha (I) Hunt
Frankie - Mandy Ingber
Police Chief Waters - Joshua Gallegos
Himself - Chris (XXX) Gibson
Hans Loeffler - Barrie Ingham
Michael Tipton - Scott Jaeck
Reverend Wilkes - Kenneth Kimmins
Gvork - Richard (I) Kline
Wick - David Knell
Himself - Theo Kostaridis
Dr. Edwards - William Lanteau
Cooper - Geoffrey (I) Lewis
Endicott - William (XXI) Lewis
Zabbo - Ronn Lucas
Dr. Randall - Robert F. (I) Lyons
Hall - Daniel (I) McDonald
Himself - Brent (II) Melton
Edwin Greaves - Cameron (I) Mitchell
Lt. McWilliams - Herb Mitchell
Dr. Carver - Bill Morey
Dr. Bidwell - Warren Munson
Spy #2 - Wolf Muser
Miles - Frank Ashmore
Edward Zeillor - Parley Baer
Corbin - Michael (I) Preston
Corky Weatherly - Robbie Rist
Bailey/Eli Buck - Richard Romanus
George Trattner - Richard Schaal
Mel Ferdman - Ronnie Schell
Theo Goldberg - Vincent Schiavelli
Jordan Kerner - Avery Schreiber
Wyatt - Michael (I) Swan
Henry Jones - Robert Winley
Tony Page - John Zarchen
Burke - Jason (I) Bernard
Leopold Miller - Eric Boles
D'Artagnan - Bart (I) Braverman
Laddie Johnson - Joel (I) Brooks
Thompson - Carl Ciarfalio
Oliver Wendell Holmes - Oliver (I) Clark
Edgar 'Benny' Benedek - Dennis (I) Dugan
Eric Pasternack - Cameron Dye
Dr. Jonathan MacKensie - Trevor (I) Eve
Stone - Frank (I) Farmer
Billy Pence - Bobby Fite
Teen In Cemetery - Scott Fouser
Leonard MacKensie - David (I) Frankham

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