What are the characters in Sharman TV Show

The characters in Sharman movie are
Dawn - Adie Allen
Judith - Isabella Marsh
Ann - Anna Nygh
Bren - Jacqueline (I) Phillips
Sophie Bright - Kelly (I) Reilly
Sophie Bright - Kelly (I) Reilly
Aggie - Roberta (I) Taylor
Kiki - Gina Bellman
Jane - Samantha Womack
Tracey - Colette (I) Brown
Carol - Emma (I) Cunningham
Laura - Miranda Foster
Maisie - Talya Gordon
Kylie - Julie (I) Graham
Emma - Sasha Hails
Dinah - Ruth Harford
Jools - Amanda (I) Harris
Maureen - Zoe Hilson
Precious - Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Brady - Keith (I) Allen
Taki - Dimitri Andreas
Lasky - George Antoni
Gabriel - Aleczander Gordon
Manny - Stefan Gryff
Paul O'dowd - Steven (I) Hartley
Em - Oscar (I) James
Galilee - Anton Lesser
Joe Lancer - Grant Masters
Dicks - Mark Moraghan
George - Patrick Baladi
Drag Act - Richard Bannerman
Endesleigh - Guy Oliver-Watts
Nick Sharman - Clive (I) Owen
Terry Southall - Cliff Parisi
JJ - Gary (II) Powell
Tommy - Rupert Procter
D.I. Jack Robber - John Salthouse
Relf - Christopher Saul
Cedric - Clarence (II) Smith
Mayles - Hugo Speer
Charlie - Anthony (I) Trent
Stathi - Anthony (I) Venditti
Durban - Danny (V) Webb
Steve - Tat Whalley
George Bright - Ray (I) Winstone
Seeley - Andrew Woodall
Des - Stephen (I) Bent
Billy - Nicholas Beveney
Sturrock - Philip Bretherton
Barry - Bill Cashmore
Simon - Michael (I) Clarkson
Hughes - John Paul Connolly
Teddy - Geff Francis
Fat Barman - Vincent Franklin

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