What are the characters in Silverwing TV Show

The characters in Silverwing movie are
Marina - Sharon (III) Alexander
Marina/Rabbit - Sharon (III) Alexander
Bathsheba - Shirley Millner
Breeze - Stevie Vallance
Pigeon/Flying Squirrel - Stevie Vallance
Banded Bat - Stevie Vallance
Rabbit/Raven - Stevie Vallance
Ariel - Randall (I) Carpenter
Ariel/Penelope 'Betty' - Randall (I) Carpenter
Ariel/Bear - Randall (I) Carpenter
Ursa - Candus Churchill
Frieda - Pam Hyatt
Frieda/Flying Squirrel - Pam Hyatt
Frieda/Wolf - Pam Hyatt
Chinook - Matt (I) Hill
Chinook/Robin - Matt (I) Hill
Chinook/Skunk/Rabbit - Matt (I) Hill
Chinook/Raccoon/Skunk - Matt (I) Hill
Rat - Matt (I) Hill
General Brutus - Richard (I) Newman
General Brutus/Zephyr - Richard (I) Newman
General Brutus/Throbb - Richard (I) Newman
General Brutus/Throbb/Wolf - Richard (I) Newman
Throbb/Banded Bat - Richard (I) Newman
General Brutus/Pigeon/Zephyr - Richard (I) Newman
General Brutus/Throbb/Rat - Richard (I) Newman
Shade - Bill Switzer
Shade/Haglund Pigeon - Bill Switzer
Luger - Lee Tockar
Luger/Hector - Lee Tockar
Luger/Romulus - Lee Tockar
Romulus - Lee Tockar
Mercury/Todd - Ian James Corlett
Mercury/Owl - Ian James Corlett
Mercury/Scirocco - Ian James Corlett
Mercury/Capt. Pigeon - Ian James Corlett
Remus - Richard Ian Cox
Orestes - Richard Ian Cox
Orestes/Wolf - Richard Ian Cox
Seagull - Richard Ian Cox
Orestes/Remus - Richard Ian Cox
Goth - Michael (I) Dobson
Goth/Lt. Atlas - Michael (I) Dobson

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