What are the characters in Spaced TV Show

The characters in Spaced movie are
Sophie - Lucy Akhurst
Yumi - Michelle Krusiec
Linda - Melissa (I) Lloyd
Vivienne - Yara Martinez
Tracy - Flaps Stylist - Nora (II) Meyer
Extra - Art Gallery Cafe - Nora (II) Meyer
Lt. Fukuyama - Yumi Nagashima
Court Reporter - Mariya Olshevska
Francesca - Gemma Padley
Dave's Boss - Charlotte (I) Palmer
Amber - Theo Park
Woman in Street That Tim Hugs - Gill Pegg
Amber's Friend - Katy Pegg
Apryl - Sara Rue
Yolanda - Claire Rushbrook
Tina - Joanna Scanlan
Old Lady Neighbour - Georgina Beer
Security Cheif Jacques - Ama Bennington
Irate Cyclist - Olivia (I) Williams
Sarah - Anna Wilson-Jones
Lt. Russell - Kari-Ann Wood
Old Lady Who Gets Thrown Out of Social Benefit Office - Coral Boyes
Crew Member - Lindsay Braynen
Extra - Art Gallery Cafe - Jayne Buxton
Officer Amber - Jazmine Campanale
Clerk at Dog Pound - Richenda Carey
Twist Morgan - Katy Carmichael
Brian's Mum - Rowena (I) Cooper
Prospective Buyer - Amy Darcy
Marsha Klein - Julia (I) Deakin
Colin - Aida the Dog
Tim's Benefit Clerk - Jeillo Edwards
Daisy's Mum - Sally Grace
Extra - Art Gallery Cafe - Sheena Gunn
Catherine - Flaps Head of Marketing - Lucy Hoare
Daisy Steiner - Jessica Hynes
Daisy Steiner/Amber - Jessica Hynes
Billy - Daniel Ainsleigh
Skateboard Kid - Alfie Allen
Tim's Stepdad - Keith (I) Allen
Agent - Mark Gatiss
Dave - Ricky Gervais
Security Cheif Jacques - Tony Giroux
Leon S. Kennedy - Paul (I) Haddad
Security Guard - Mike Hayley
Brian Topp - Mark Heap
Sleeping Ex-Flatmate Who Nearly Wakes Up - Andy (I) Hollis
Teenage Thug - Stephen Humby
Sleeping Ex-Flatmate - Jim Imber
Teenage Thug Leader - Lee Ingleby
Man Who Pulls Daisy's Finger - James (I) Judge
Hoover - Paul (IV) Kaye
TA Captain - Simon (I) Kunz
Richard - James (I) Lance
Ben - Josh (II) Lawson
Daisy's Benefit Clerk - Derren Litten
Dancer in Brian's Flashback - Graham Low
Twist's New Friend - Closing Scene - Graham Low
Man in Robot Club Crowd - Graham Low
Estate Agent - Alex (I) Lowe
Waiter - Andy (I) Lucas
Man in Car who honks horn at Tyres - Dick Lunn
Young Ben - Timothy McCartney
Long Haired Guy - Mark Morriss
Prospective Buyer - Steven Atholl
Dancer in Brian's Flashback - Jason Attar
Lt. Fukuyama - Charles Edward Bae
Bilbo Bagshot - Bill (I) Bailey
Teenage Thug - Alex Noodle
Minicab Driver - Johnny (I) Orlando
Tim Bisley - Simon Pegg
James Eldridge - Jeremy (I) Peters
Bookshop Customer - Robert Popper
Minty - Guy Pratt
Paintball player - Paul Putner
Capt. John Cole - Greg Radzimowski
Damien Knox - Clive Russell
Cromwell - Jonathan Ryland
Chief - Tim (I) Sampson
Bill - Will Sasso
Duane Benzie - Peter Serafinowicz
Dexter - Reece Shearsmith
Stephen Edwards - John Simm
Tyres O'Flaherty - Michael Smiley
Goat Boy - Dylan Sprayberry
Derek - Martin Trenaman
Biker - Nick Von Schlippe
Vulva - David Walliams
Paperboy - Tony Way
Theatre Doorman - Brett (I) Wilson
Dancer who punches Brian in Flashback/Dancer who hugs Brian - Brett (I) Wilson
Monster - Brett (I) Wilson
First Sleeping Ex-flatmate - Edgar Wright
Man on Tube Next to Daisy - Edgar Wright
Sounds of Despair tape - Edgar Wright
Dancer in Brian's Flashback - Oscar (I) Wright
Dexter's Cohort - Oscar (I) Wright
Vice Admiral Freesome - Kam Brar
Lt. Russell - Marc Castellini
Harris - Kevin (I) Cecil
Guy - B.J. Clinkscales
Admiral Bates - Barry Cobbledick
Court Reporter - Jesse Code
Security Guard - Charles (II) Dale
Vice Admiral Matheson - Al Dales
Christian Neubier - Federico (I) Dordei
Extra - Art Gallery Cafe - Gareth (I) Edwards
Agent - Kevin Eldon
Marty Berghaus - Paul Mark Elliott
Crew Member - Travaldo Farrington
Mike Watt - Nick (I) Frost

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