What are the characters in Strutter TV Show

The characters in Strutter movie are
Tessa - Sara (II) Ashley
Tourist - Florence Keith-Roach
Elkie Zpittvar - Lucy (I) Montgomery
Iris berry - Iris Berry
Molly - Victoria (VI) Williams
Mrs. Strutter/Various - Thaila Zucchi
Boutique Buyer - Jade (IV) Gordon
Various - Melanie (I) Gray
Toff Wine Taster/Various - Melanie (I) Gray
Cleo - Elyse Hollander
Various - Paul (III) Garner
Archie - Terry (III) Graham
The Unknown Soldier - Paul Hupfield
Mike Strutter - Paul (IV) Kaye
Brett Pierce - Flannery (I) Lunsford
Himself - Ariel Pink
Frank - Craig Stark
Damon Welsh - Dante White-Aliano

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