What are the characters in Stunts TV Show

The characters in Stunts movie are
B.J. Parswell - Fiona Lewis
Groupie 1 - Erica (I) Paige
Judy Blake - Candice Rialson
Judy Blake - Candice Rialson
Trudi - Melissa (IV) Bell
Bimbo 1 - Cher� Bryson
Patti Johnson - Joanna (I) Cassidy
Groupie 2 - Cindy Correll
Nurse - Fran Dukehart
Bimbo 2 - Lucette Dussaud
Doctor - Janet Hadland
Chuck Johnson - Bruce (I) Glover
Redneck - H.B. Haggerty
Gas Station Attendant - Alex Kubik
Alvin Blake - James Luisi
Pete Lustig - Richard (I) Lynch
Policeman - Cass Martin
Falfa - Gareth Myles
Terminator - Gareth (I) Richardson
Paul Salerno - Ray Sharkey
Jack - Dave (I) Shelley
Davi - Donal Stevenson
McCowhide - Fergus Stevenson
Bruce - Kris Tait
Earl O'Brien - Malachi Throne
Dr. Evil - Thomas (I) Cully
Greg Wilson - Gary (I) Davis
Dave Allison - Darrell Fetty
Glen Wilson - Robert (I) Forster

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