What are the characters in Survival of the Dumbest TV Show

The characters in Survival of the Dumbest movie are
Zombie - Isabella Morales
'Braced'- Zombie - Izabella Morales
Zombie - Joanne (I) Morales
Zombie - Kaitlin Morgan
'Bellerina'- Zombie - Kaitlin Morgan
Punk Girl Zombie - Misty Noor
Ripped Face -Zombie - Britney Ortiz
Ripped Face- Zombie - Britney Ortiz
'Scalded'- Zombie - Natalie Perault
Jennifer Forrester (Wife) - Day Rogers
Jennifer Forrester (Wife) - Day Rogers
Zombie - Laura (I) Shiraishi
Shaky Zombie - Laura (I) Shiraishi
White Eyes- Zombie - Kyanna Simone
White Eyes Creeper- Zombie - Kyanna Simone
'Specs'- Zombie - Megan Slany
Zombie - Ashley Sudduth
Pink Hair Zombie - Ashley Sudduth
Evil tween sister - Stacy-Love Belizaire
Zombie - Valdi-Agaelle Belizaire
Evil Twin Zombie - Valdi Beliziare
Melody - Sophie (II) Bergeron
Woman - Alicia Berruti
Alex - Grace (V) West
Zombie - Melanie Zappelli
'Kemosabe'- Zombie - Briana Burnside
Zombie - Tracy (IV) Campbell
Zombie - Tracy (V) Campbell
Zombie - Princess Galles
Cassidy Kane - Dani Gray
Moaner Zombie - Mike (I) Aguirre
Business Zombie - Mike (I) Aguirre
Zombie - Aaron (I) Andrews
Zombie - Aaron (II) Andrews
Maurice Thomas (Husband) - Armar Gonsalves
The Wiggler- Zombie - Ron Hanks
Ron - Ron Hanks
'Mexican Guerilla' Hernandez Zombie - Eduardo (VII) Hernandez
Dealer Zombie - Zachary Hocker
Tag Zombie - Zachary Hocker
'Barefoot'- Zombie - Zachary Hocker
Zombie - Zachary Hocker
Zombie - Will Ishizaka
Zombie - Shawn D. Kelley
Glass to the Face- Zombie - Shawn D. Kelley
Fleeced Zombie - Shawn D. Kelley
Geisha Zombie - Alan (I) Kent
Zombie - Alan (I) Kent
Rocker Zombie - Alan (I) Kent
Peeping Tom Zombie - Stuart Macfarlane
Zombie - Stuart Macfarlane
Crazy Kid Zombie - Gregory (I) Mason
Zombie - Gregory (II) Mason
Clothing Store Zombie - Michael (VI) Medina
Indoor Zombie - Dylan Mills
Zombie - Dylan Mills
School Bus Driver- Zombie - William (V) Mulligan
Xander Hayes - Darnell Murphy Jr.
Zombie - Valdi Belizare
'Prep'- Zombie - Ethan Novak
Zombie - Karlo Ozaeta
Zombie - Charles Quintanilla
Zombie - Emily Quintanilla
'Guerilla' Crew Zombie - Alex (IX) Reyes
Navy Mechanic Zombie - Manuel Reynolds
Steve - Matthew Rosvally
Zombie - Joel Sales
Zombie - Ross Schenk
Mike Snyder - Scott Seagren
Sam - Tyler Seagren
'Dreads'- Zombie - Victor (V) Taylor
Dreads Zombie - Victor (V) Taylor
Cuffed Zombie - Socrates Torres
Zombie - Socrates Torres
Bieber Zombie/Parka Zombie - Socrates Torres
Zombie - Mathew Vitalich
Zombie - Vinson Waters
Deric Wright - Austin Bosley
Man - Jeff Bosley
Priest - Jeff Bosley
Zombies - Kurt (III) Zimmerman
Torn Face Zombie - Kurt (III) Zimmerman
Bazerker Lurker Zombie - Kurt (III) Zimmerman
Dead Grin Zombie - Ryan Castellanos
Popped Eye Zombie - Tyler (VII) Edwards
Dealer Zombie - Eliot (I)
Hobo Jim - Eliot (I)
Survivor - Cale Espinel
Redneck Zombie - Patrick James Evans

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