What are the characters in The 702 TV Show

The characters in The 702 movie are
Gabby - Lennan Kay
Alice - Leah McCormick
Maria - Erika (II) Medina
Lexi - Inanna Sarkis
Anita - Valentina Tortomasi
Laura - Jordan Berlin
Sammie - Nicki Bomarito
Autumn - Tori Vild
Zoe - Ashley (I) Campbell
Vanessa - Nathalia Castellon
Carmen - Starr Elliott
Coach Jen - Angelique Gorges
Tina - Ally Holmes
Jaylin - Blake Alexandros
Diego - Angel Garet
Harold - Joey Huebner
Nick - Clint Glenn Hummel
Megan - Franchesca Maia
Coach - Fabio (II) May
Luis - Phillip (II) Reese
Kane - Efren John Rowan
Don - Gerard Sanders
Zach - Hunter Clowdus

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