What are the characters in The New Scooby-Doo Movies TV Show

The characters in The New Scooby-Doo Movies movie are
Morticia Frump Addams - Carolyn (I) Jones
(1973-1974) - Jackie Joseph
(1973-1974) - Julie McWhirter
Jeannie - Julie McWhirter
Daphne - Heather North
Daphne Blake - Heather North
(1973-1974) - Barbara Pariot
Grandmama Addams - Janet Waldo
Herself - Cher (I)
Herself - Phyllis (I) Diller
Herself - Sandy (I) Duncan
Herself - Cass Elliot
Pugsley Addams - Jodie Foster
(1973-1974) - Arlene Golonka
Debbie - Arlene Golonka
Wednesday Addams - Cindy (I) Henderson
Velma - Nicole Jaffe
Himself - Don (I) Adams
Bobby Joe 'B.J.' Mason - Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
(1973-1974) - Stu Gilliam
Freddie 'Curly' Neal - Stu Gilliam
(1973-1974) - Mark (I) Hamill
Corey Anders - Mark (I) Hamill
Announcer - Mark (I) Hamill
Windmaker #2 - Mark (I) Hamill
Stan Laurel/Bigfoot - Larry Harmon
Moe Howard - Pat Harrington Jr.
(1973-1974) - Bob (I) Hastings
Henry Glopp - Bob (I) Hastings
Sheriff - Bob (I) Hastings
Himself - Davy (I) Jones
Shaggy - Casey (I) Kasem
Shaggy Rogers - Casey (I) Kasem
Shaggy/Robin - Casey (I) Kasem
Ghost of Paul Reveer - Ted (I) Knight
Himself - Don Knotts
Tinker - Phil Luther Jr.
Oliver Hardy - Jim MacGeorge
Scooby-Doo - Don Messick
Scooby-Doo/Mr. Franklin - Don Messick
Scooby-Doo/Duke of Strathmore/Haunted Horseman/Cyrus Wheedly/Moat Monster - Don Messick
Gomez Addams - John Astin
Voice - Joe (I) Baker
Scorpion Coach - Michael (I) Bell
Swampy Pete/Luitenint Pete Dugan/Red Beard - Michael (I) Bell
Mr. Finster - Michael (I) Bell
Mark - Michael (I) Bell
J.P. Peabody/Windmaker #4 - Alan Oppenheimer
Himself - Jerry (I) Reed
Ghost Pirate 3 - Mike Road
Minuteman Ghost - Mike Road
Principle Stevens - George A. Robertson
Batman - Olan Soule
Owner of the Scorpions - John (I) Stephenson
Mr. Sayer/Mr. Hyde/Grizzly Bear - John (I) Stephenson
Red Baron - John (I) Stephenson
Mr. Crink/Sterling Smith/Detective Storm/Green Globs - John (I) Stephenson
Creech - John (I) Stephenson
Morgan/Winslow/Selby - John (I) Stephenson
Milo Meekly - John (I) Stephenson
Fireball McPhaine - John (I) Stephenson
The Joker - Larry Storch
Himself - Dick Van Dyke
(1973-1974) - Jon (III) Walmsley
Professor Flaky - Lennie Weinrib
Sedgwick Jones - Lennie Weinrib
Uncle Nathaniel - Lennie Weinrib
Fred - Frank Welker
Fred Jones - Frank Welker
Hubert 'Geese' Ausbie - Johnny (I) Williams
Voice - Paul (I) Winchell
Himself - Jonathan Winters
Babu - Joe Besser
Windmaker #1 - Joe Besser
Scorpion Trainer - Mel Blanc
Ghost Pirate 1/Ghost Pirate 2 - Mel Blanc
Speed Buggy - Mel Blanc
Himself - Sonny Bono
Voice - Daws Butler
Larry Fine/Curly Joe DeRita - Daws Butler
Lurch - Ted Cassidy
Himself - Tim (I) Conway
Uncle Fester - Jackie Coogan
(1972-1974) - Henry Corden
Redcoat Ghost - Henry Corden
(1973-1974) - Scatman Crothers
George 'Meadowlark' Lemon - Scatman Crothers
(1973-1974) - Jerry Dexter
Pablo Robertson - Robert DoQui
(1973-1974) - Richard (I) Elkins
J.C. 'Gip' Gipson - Richard (I) Elkins
(1973-1974) - Jamie Farr

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