What are the characters in Videosyncrasy TV Show

The characters in Videosyncrasy movie are
Ashley - Elizabeth Lail
Restaurant Patron - Lisa Leyva
Actress - Brooke Newton
Femme Fatale - Elisse Nielson
Racketball Player - Frankie (II) Sims
Jazzercise Instructor - Ashley (II) Watkins
Yumiko - Cynthy Wu
Marcy - Kerry Condon
Tracy Biggs - Amy Forsyth
Wealthy Woman (2015) - Jennifer Gable
Herself - Amy (I) Grant
Teen Girl - Karli Rae Grogan
Themselves - Indigo Girls
Nigel - Jamie (I) Harris
Himself/Host - Jimmy (I) Hodson
Band - Drummer - Cole Marcus
Vault Guy - Kevin Michael (I) Martin
Bartender - Johnny Martini
Lawrence - Christian Ojore Mayfield
Ashley's Keyboard Player - Peter (XI) Newman
Gaunt Man - Frankie (I) Ray
Robby - Charlie (I) Rowe
Cheating Lover - Orion Solarion
Porn Crew Grip - Rainer Wickel
Bill White - Corbin Bernsen
Himself - John Candy
Soldier - Thomas La Barbera Christensen
Interviewer - Paul Culos
Theo - Jason Flemyng

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