What are the characters in Wilderness TV Show

The characters in Wilderness movie are
Mother on Subway - Rhea Akler
Office Staff - Ree Andrews
Mrs. Williams - Heidi Armbruster
Jane Garth - Gemma (I) Jones
Alice's mother - Brigitte Kahn
Amber's Mother - Nicole Katovich
Young Amber - Vivien Kells
Office Staff - Megan (I) Leach
Vet - Val Lehman
Cashier in Organic Store - Barbara (I) Mamabolo
Eleanor - Rosalind March
Luther's receptionist - Liz Moscrop
Robert's Mother - Jennifer Naimo
Alice White - Amanda Ooms
Mrs. Hausfrier - Nancy Opel
Amber - Erica Piccininni
Psychiatric Clinic Nurse - Tasha Quintas
Louise - Alex (III) Reid
Psychiatric Clinic Nurse - Tasha Quintas
Louise - Alex (III) Reid
Deborah - Catherine (I) Russell
Sheila - Kristie Dale Sanders
Sarah - Mary Suib
Sarah - Nina (I) Thomas
Serena - Johanna Benyon
Margery - Sandy Binion
Dan's daughter - Molly Bolt
Homeless Woman shaving legs - Sarah (IX) White
Mrs. Woods - Courtney (I) Young
Woman on Subway Platform - Bernadette Couture
Mandy - Lenora Crichlow
Rebecca - Stacey Daly
Linda Michaels - Penny Eizenga
Student - Ashley Fung
Jo - Karly Greene
Mrs. Muroody - Kate (I) Greer
Woman on Cell phone in Organic Store - Jane Hailes
Office Co-Worker - Elizabeth Harpur
Lisa - Clare Harvy
Nurse - Mary Healey
Young Alice - Catherine Holman
Robert - Andrew Garman
Maurice - David (I) Gillespie
Isaac - Colton Hanks
Hagar - Nadia Harika
Young Robert - Trevor Harker
Bill - Kevin B Hartley
Paul - Ryan Hendrick
Carl - Terence Hillyer
Man on Subway Platform - C.B. Holden
Inmate - Nathan (II) Hughes
Kevin Michaels - Jamie (III) Johnston
Cop - Kirit Kapadia
Callum - Toby Kebbell
Mr. Frank - Francis Kelly
Luther Adams - Michael (I) Kitchen
Young Kevin Michaels - Sutton Kornblum
Alice's father - Nicholas Lumley
Marcus - Philip McGough
Man in Cafe - Patrick T. McGowan
Lindsay - Ben (I) McKay
Inmate - Anthony McKenna
Ragman - Craig Mead
Lewis - Luke (I) Neal
Organic Store Customer - Jerry Azzopardi
The Poacher - Colin (II) Nicolson
Kevin - Gerard (I) O'Hare
Jed - Sean Pertwee
Robert's Father - Dave (II) Powers
Angel - Chris (III) Preston
Shelter - Resident in Men's Shelter - James (II) Quigley
Counsellor John - John (IV) Rea
Well dressed man - Barry (II) Rice
Well dressed Man - Barry (IV) Rice
John - Darren Ripley
Homeless Man - Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz
Son on Subway - Marko Samardzija
Angel - Todd Scofield
Governor - George Shane
Ishmael - Samuel Aidan Shaool
Abraham - Mike (I) Shiflett
Homeless Man - Ryan (III) Singh
Dan Somers - Owen Teale
Dave - John (II) Travers
Jeremy - Rupert Vansittart
Organic Store Customer - Joe Vercillo
Mr. Green - Frederick Waggoner
Steve - Stephen (II) Wight
Darren - James Daniel Wilson
Man on Subway Platform - Phil Borg
Jethro - Richie Campbell
Chuck - Mark Caven
Patient in Psychiatric Clinic - Brad (I) Cook
Young Wayne - T. Michael Culhane
Wayne - Tom Culhane
Blue - Adam (I) Deacon
Dave's Father - Stephen Don
Patients - Psychiatric Clinic - Ashton Doudelet
Biker - Davis Duffield
Butcher - Jim Dunk
Homeless Man - Lorn Eisen
Boat's Captain - Gordon Fulton
Student - Kevin Fung

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