What are the characters in Annabelle\'s Wish video

The characters in Annabelle\'s Wish movie are
Additional Voices - Alison Krauss
Aunt Agnes - Cloris Leachman
Beth - Laura Lively
Hens - Tress MacNeille
Scarlett - Rue McClanahan
Adult Emily - Beth Nielsen Chapman
Annabelle - Kath Soucie
Hens - Mary Kay Bergman
Emily - Aria Noelle Curzon
Star - Jennifer (I) Darling
Additional Voices - Nanci Griffith
Slim - Jerry Houser
Ears - Jay (II) Johnson
Santa - Kay E. Kuter
Buster - James (I) Lafferty
Owliver - Steve Mackall
Billy - Hari Oziol
Doctor - Stu Rosen
Additional Voices - Kevin (I) Sharp
Adult Billy/Narrator - Randy (I) Travis
Grandpa Baker - Jerry Van Dyke
Mr. Gus Holder - Jim (I) Varney
Special Vocal Effects - Frank Welker
Lawyer/Sherriff - Clancy (I) Brown
Bucky - Charlie Cronin
Brewster - Brian (I) Cummings

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