What are the characters in Justice League: Doom video

The characters in Justice League: Doom movie are
Ten - Juliet Landau
Bat Computer - Andrea (I) Romano
Bat Computer - Andrea (I) Romano
Cheetah - Claudia (I) Black
Star Sapphire - Olivia d'Abo
Wonder Woman - Susan Eisenberg
Lois Lane/Queen - Grey Griffin
Bane/Terrorist Member - Carlos Alazraqui
Mayor - Brian (I) George
Agent Porter - Danny (I) Jacobs
Jimmy Olsen - David (I) Kaufman
Martian Manhunter/Ma'alefa'ak - Carl Lumbly
King - Jim Meskimen
Vandal Savage - Phil (I) Morris
Officer in Charge/Newscaster - Dee Bradley Baker
Cyborg - Bumper Robinson
The Flash - Michael (I) Rosenbaum
Ace - Bruce W. Timm
Metallo/Henry Ackerdson - Paul Blackthorne
Batman - Kevin (I) Conroy
Superman - Tim (I) Daly
Mirror Master - Alexis Denisof
Alfred Pennyworth/Jack - Robin Atkin Downes
Green Lantern - Nathan Fillion

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