What are the characters in Melt video

The characters in Melt movie are
Nancy - Eva (I) Angelina
Rebecca - Julia (I) Ann
Office Boss - Jennifer (XX) Jones
Fire Eater - Shannon (VI) Kelly
Lena - Manon Kimball
Party Guest - Ida Know
Lily - Lourdes (V)
Unnamed - Katy Lown
Party Girl - Lindsey Meadows
Ellen - Mikayla (I)
Party Guest - Just Nipples
Herself/Transforming Elf Machine #2 - Paola (I) Rey
Herself/Transforming Elf Machine #2 - Paola (I) Rey
Arlene/Waitress - Randy Veraguas
Pictured Wife - Danae K. Wisler
Elizabeth/Lizza - Erica (I) Derrickson
Herself/Transforming Elf Machine #1 - Justine Joli
Party Guest - J.L. Abraham
Anna - Alejandra Araujo
Lois - Ilona Harker
Martin - Sam Hemphill
Mel's Friend #3 - Alexandra Jury
Mel's Friend #2 - Mackenzie Jury
Glen - Marcus London
Restaurant Boss - Rene (III) Mendoza
Narrator - Ansted Moss
Mel's Friend #1 - Kayla Quirk
Landlord - Sam Reisman
Teen Mel - Gabriella Schilling
Teen Kevin - Gehrig Schilling
Bob - Randy (I) Spears
Party Guest - Chris Spore
Young Mel - Chloe Stone
Bernard - Evan (I) Stone
Jonah - Christian (I) Thom
Party Guest - Corporate Vampire
Artie - Damien Jasper Wilson
Party Guy - Barrett Blade
Ravi/Bruce - Tommy Brogden
Young Kevin - Jai Burdick

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