What are the characters in Rings video

The characters in Rings movie are
Club 7 Girl - Kati Akins
Shanda - Surely Alvelo
Vivian - Christina (II) Kim
Libby - Andrea Laing
Julia - Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz
Protestor - Claire (III) Richardson
Protestor - Claire (III) Richardson
Samara - Kelly Stables
Sky - Aimee Teegarden
Waitress - Rose Bianco
Emily - Emily VanCamp
Sara - Kim Waltrip
Vanessa - Alexandra Breckenridge
Mrs. Styx - Jill Jane Clements
Airline Passenger - NM Garcia
Myra - Maya (I) Gilbert
Janelle - Kiki Haynes
Protestor - Cynthia Hoeger
Eddie - Justin (I) Allen
Gabriel - Johnny Galecki
Officer Gonzalez - Chris (III) Greene
Sam - Drew Grey
Highway Patrolman - Jeremy (I) Harrison
Pastor Greg - Kevin (II) James
College Student - Adam C. Johnson
Hipster Guy - Brandon Larracuente
Professor - Wing Liu
Jake - Ryan (I) Merriman
Leathery Guy - Ricky Muse
Protestor - Warren Barret
Will - Danny Beauclerc
Scared Passenger #2 - Tommy (VIII) O'Brien
Charlie - Robert Petrarca
Protestor - John Paul Putney
Holt - Alex Roe
Carter - Zach Roerig
Frantic Caller - Dusty Sorg
Holt's Father - Randall (I) Taylor
Dino - Sean Teague
Protestor - Nathaniel Werner
Blue - Chuck David Willis
Timothy - Josh (I) Wise
Jin - Emerson Wong
Protestor - Sara (I) Bowen
Club Patron - Keith E.C. Brooks
Protestor - Shannon Cyrkin
Store Employee - Andrew D'Amico
Hardware Store Manager - Francis Dobrisky
Scott - Danny Feigelson
Chris - Adam Fristoe

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