What are the characters in Ultimate Fights from the Movies video

The characters in Ultimate Fights from the Movies movie are
Diane Armstrong/Diamond (The Players Club) - LisaRaye McCoy
Elaine (Rumble in the Bronx) - Anita Mui
Lucilla (Gladiator) - Connie (I) Nielsen
Ronnie (The Players Club) - Chrystale Wilson
Yu Sau Lien (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) - Michelle Yeoh
Jen Yu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) - Ziyi Zhang
Cutte Dawson (Crossing the Line) - Rab Affleck
Tony (Rumble in the Bronx) - Marc Akerstream
Tommy (Snatch) - Stephen (I) Graham
Davis Dawson (Crossing the Line) - Douglas Henshall
Referee (Snatch) - Ronald Isaac
Gracchus (Gladiator) - Derek Jacobi
Bruce Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) - Jason Scott Lee
Knife #1 (Timecop) - James Lew
Chen Zhen/Taul (Fists of Legend & Black Mask) - Jet (I) Li
John (Legend of Drunken Master) - Ken Lo
Commander Hung (Black Mask) - Kong Lung
Alex the Butcher (Crossing the Line) - Michael Marra
Danny (Crossing the Line) - Liam Neeson
Matt Moss (Crossing the Line) - Ian Bannen
Erroll (Snatch) - Andy Beckwith
Tony Montana (Scarface) - Al (I) Pacino
Henry (Legend of Drunken Master) - Ho-Sung Pak
Commodus (Gladiator) - Joaquin Phoenix
Nada (They Live) - Roddy Piper
Mickey O'Neil (Snatch) - Brad Pitt
Eddie (Crossing the Line) - George (I) Rossi
Palmer (Timecop) - Jacob Rupp
Falco (Gladiator) - David (I) Schofield
Referee (Crossing the Line) - Jack (I) Shepherd
Blade Trio (Blade) - Wesley Snipes
Luke Sun (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) - Ong Soo Han
John J. Rambo - Sylvester Stallone
Turkish (Snatch) - Jason Statham
Tigris of Gaul (Gladiator) - Sven-Ole Thorsen
Max Walker - Jean-Claude Van Damme
Horace 'Goodnight' (Snatch) - Scott (I) Welch
Ronnie Echeviera (Scarface) - Victor (I) Campos
Wong Fei-Hung - Jackie (I) Chan
Tony Gang Member (Rumble In The Bronx) - Lauro Chartrand
Hou (Fists of Legend) - Siu-Ho Chin
General (Fists of Legend) - Billy Chow
Frankie (Crossing the Line) - Billy (I) Connolly
Sam (Crossing the Line) - James (I) Copeland
Maximus - Russell Crowe
Frank (They Live) - Keith (I) David
Deacon Frost (Blade) - Stephen Dorff
Cicero (Gladiator) - Tommy (I) Flanagan
Brick Top Pullard (Snatch) - Alan (I) Ford

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